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  1. Posted by Andrea    03/11/2012 17:28

    Hallo David! Meine Tochter Leah und ich sind überglücklich, Karten für Ihr Konzert am 16.11. in Köln erhalten zu haben. Ganz besonders deshalb, weil das Konzert an Leahs 8. Geburtstag stattfindet und sie sich nichts sehnlicher gewünscht hatte als sie einmal zu hören – und zu sehen. Wir freuen uns sehr! Viele Grüße. Andrea Sturzenbecher mit Leah

  2. Posted by Lucicleide Silva    02/11/2012 11:35

    Hi David

    I’m from Brazil.
    You’re a wonderful musician. Come here again to Brazil David….We love you, guy.

  3. Posted by sakura    01/11/2012 13:05

    I love your music, it’s just magic
    Come to France please.
    This is a very short time I know your songs but I’m already in love, they are really cool, and so captivating. I wonder how people can just sit in your “concert”, I am French and I really expected you came to this country.
    Continue still your beautiful music

  4. Posted by Orange    01/11/2012 09:08

    Hi David, ich liebe Dein neues Album und freue mich
    jetzt schon riesig Dich im Sommer 2013 live zu sehen.
    Viel Licht und Liebe,
    Deine Kay

  5. Posted by Marta Maria Bolson    31/10/2012 19:00

    David, when are you coming to Brazil?????

  6. Posted by Lili    31/10/2012 06:03

    David I am very excited because I am going to be in Germany complete next month! I am ready for your concert next November 13th!!! Fortunately,  I have a good mexican friend living there so, I will be able to understand everything you say! I know that you will be speaking germán, but Music is a Universal language, isn’t it? ;) I hope can meet you, see ya there!

  7. Posted by Ludation    30/10/2012 06:25

    Hallo, David! Russland wartet auf Sie!

  8. Posted by Gis    29/10/2012 18:55

    Hola David!!! soy nueva en esto; pero quiero felicitarte por los grandes logros porque sin dudas para mi sos el mejor del muuundoo!!! Ojala vengas a la Argentina pronto!! anhelo escucharte en vivo y verte!! ojala sea prontooo!!!

  9. Posted by zora    29/10/2012 15:41

    Dear david, i have got a question: when you are fan of justin Bieber you are called ‘belieber’ and when you are fan of adele jou are a daydreamer. But wat am i when i am a big fan of you??
    Big hugs, zora

  10. Posted by Bárbara    29/10/2012 03:01

    Hi, david.
    I congratulate him for so beautiful music that composed with the violin.
    I’d like you to come to Mexico to give a concert, it would be wonderful. I hope and considers it.
    Greetings and kisses

  11. Posted by Raphaela    28/10/2012 15:05

    Hallo David,
    ich hab’ heute morgen bei Bettina Tietjen im Radio gehört, dass du gerne stricken können möchtest, um dir einen Schal zu stricken. Wenn du mal ein bisschen Zeit hast und in der Nähe von Hannover bist, dann bringe ich es dir gerne bei! Das wird bestimmt lustig! :-)
    Meine eMail-Adresse ist ja jetzt hier gespeichert, kannst dich ja mal melden.
    Tschüss und viele Grüße,

  12. Posted by musicgirl999    28/10/2012 12:23

    Hi David,
    It’s ur biggest fan in the U.S.A!!!!!
    Anyway when r u coming here I have been playing the violin for over 3 years!!!!
    Isnt that great!! So Plz get back to me thx-musicgirl999

  13. Posted by KT    28/10/2012 07:35

    Dear David,

    Thank you for making me find that violin can be so charming, and inspire my enthusiasm to violin.

    I believe that the music which can touch people’s heart then it is a good music.
    Please keep following your heart.

    Best wishes,

  14. Posted by outstanding among ten thousand    27/10/2012 20:56

    I like violin God much better then devil fiddler! David’s charisma is not from the devil but from God. Paganini was a great violin virtuoso with brilliant playing technique, but his personal life is not worth following. All relationships Paganini’s with women ended unhappily (Wiki) and his extravagant lifestyle, took their toll on his health. God bless you David continually, that your personal life and health stays excellent like your musicality, you’re such a good example in our times.

  15. Posted by outstanding among ten thousand    27/10/2012 20:55

    Ich mag Geigen-Gott viel besser als Teufels-Geiger! Davids Charisma ist nicht vom Teufel, sondern von Gott. Paganini war ein großer Geigenvirtuose mit brillanter Spieltechnik, aber sein Privatleben ist nicht nachahmenswert. Alle Beziehungen Paganinis mit Frauen endeten unglücklich (Wiki) und sein extravaganter Lebensstil ging zu Lasten seiner Gesundheit. Gott segne Dich David beständig, dass dein persönliches Leben und Gesundheit so ausgezeichnet bleibt, wie deine Musikalität. Du bist so ein gutes Beispiel in unserer heutigen Zeit.

  16. Posted by musicgirl999    24/10/2012 12:24

    Hi I loveeeeee your music

  17. Posted by musicgirl999    24/10/2012 12:15

    Hi David, I am wondering when you will be coming into Boston again I went to your last concert and really enjoyed it. I was one of many little kids in the audience and I was one of your biggest fans there I bet. Thanks -musicgirl999!

  18. Posted by Luciane Oliveira    23/10/2012 03:15

    Olá! Previsão de show no Brazil? Grata

  19. Posted by zora    22/10/2012 20:09

    He David,
    İ am thinking and thinking to write something but i don’t know anything! İ really like your music! İ want to buy a ring wirh a skull too, i don’t may a tattoo :)) do you rewrite the songs by yourself because i have tried and it didn’t work very well… But i want to go to a concert of you so maybe goodbye at a concert :)
    Big hugs, Zora Sel

  20. Posted by Rita Sebastião    20/10/2012 20:33

    Hi David, I know it’s probably not you, exactly, but anyway, I would really like to knoe if you’re planning to do a concert in Portugal, because I’m portuguese and I really do love to watch you, and listen to you, obviously, and I know a lot more people that would like you to come.
    oh, and also, I always loved violin, but you and your ways, made me love it even more, thank you so much for that, anyway, that’s all.
    Have lots of fun, and bye,
    Rita Sebastião

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