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  1. Posted by Galina Galanos    05/07/2015 04:43

    Dear David, sorry, but being younger than my youngest son I can’t bring myself to address you formally. I love music, whether it is classic, pop or rock, and I’m a great fan of yours. After listening to your extraordinary rendition of the Bruch and Brahms concertos, I feel as if I took a trip to heaven and back. You’re an amazing musician, and the passion you put into your performances is contagious. Thank you.

  2. Posted by claudia torres    03/07/2015 03:03

    Y Please ya contestame en twitter o en facebook. Gracias!!!

  3. Posted by claudia torres    03/07/2015 02:59

    Hola David!!! Amo tu hermosa musica y porsupuesto que a ti. Tu bello arte me hace la vida mas llevadera y feliz. Gracias por existir.
    Daria lo que fuera por un autografo tuyo para tatuarmelo, pues estoy segura que siempre seras mi maximo idolo. Besos desde Matehuala S.L.P Mexico.

  4. Posted by carolina    26/06/2015 15:39

    Well I am ashamed o say I am almost always behind the times, but not usually THIS far behind. But I suppose better late than never. Of course I knew the name AC/DC but knew nothing. But now I can’t stop listening to and watching THUNDERSTRUCK. Like Scherzo, it is mesmerizing, repetitive thrilling. Major minor major minor. major minor adrenalin. It is brilliant. I even youtubed AC/DC playing it. That guitar unbelievable and I do know how difficult guitar is even though the greats make it look easy. Sounds exactly like David////or is it the other way around. Anyway THANK YOU for waking me up. Really AWAKE now!!!

  5. Posted by ANNA MARIA    24/06/2015 12:38

    Dear David,
    I accidentally discovered you May 5, 2015 and I am hopelessly in love with your violin and you!
    You’ve arrived at the right time ……. I was looking for thrills, passion, intensity, joy, love , longing and here’s your violin and your person.
    Thank you for making me feel alive again.
    Something inside me has been rekindled and shook me the soul.
    Thanks with all my heart.
    Thank you for the way you are.
    With love.

  6. Posted by sahise souza    24/06/2015 02:28

    Oiii !! Sua musicalidade é intensa e muito emotiva, estou cada vez mais apaixonada por seus videos na internet, infelizmente não poderei estar presente no seu concerto no Brasil, mas ja sou fã. Você colca paixão e muito sentimento nas musicas que toca, é muito lindo de ouvir, muito obrigada por compartilhar i seu dom.
    Um super abraço.

  7. Posted by Medea    22/06/2015 22:07

    As I listened to you this evening I thought how useful it would have been to a spread the Jesus’ words and deeds by directed your gift towards his work. The gifts are given by the God and it depends how we will put it to use. You definitely are gifted with many talents and I am sure that I am not the first and the last person you will hear it from.
    For example Lucifer the angel of God became arrogant and fell from his grace, he got kicked out of heaven, he was also gifted with perfection though he decided to use his gift for his own agenda instead of doing God’s work.
    Time to time you are referred as a demon’s violinist, that is probably because of the role you have played before. Nothing happens on this earth just because, may be this has a reason too. I would not worry about it though, everything can be fixed.
    Give place to God in your work and dedicate your gift to him,
    “The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever” (1 John 2:17)
    May God bless you and we will meet again on September the 2nd in your concert in Milan. Medea

  8. Posted by Mabella    20/06/2015 17:18

    Hallo lieber David,
    wie zu lesen ist, suchst du gerade einen geeigneten Titel für deine neue Cd, die du im Herbst veröffentlichen willst. Du hast dazu aufgerufen, dir Vorschläge zu schreiben. Dem komme ich sehr gerne nach. Da ich mich nicht kurz fassen kann, schreibe ich dir nicht auf Twitter, sondern hier. Du hast mir früher einmal gesagt, dass alles, was für dich bestimmt ist, auch den Weg zu dir findet. So bin ich zuversichtlich, dass du diese Zeilen auch wirklich lesen wirst.

    Spontan kam mir sofort “Paradise” in den Sinn. Durch den herrlichen Goldregen bietet sich das für mich als Name für dein neue Cd nahezu perfekt an. Aber das ist dir sicherlich zu einfach, oder? Nun gut, hier kommen meine anderen Vorschläge, die wie ich finde, sehr gut zu dir passen.
    - Untamed
    - Lucky guy
    - Hungry heart
    - My choice, my voice.
    - My pleasure
    - Everything changes.
    - Joy of living
    - Mikado ( ja, das Wort ist mir wirklich mehrmals in den Sinn gekommen. Keine Ahnung, warum. Hihi. )

    Was sagst du dazu, gefallen dir meine Ideen? Das wäre schön. Vielleicht sind sie dir ja wirklich eine kleine Hilfe bei der Namensfindung. Wobei ich sicher bin, dass du diese Hilfe von Außen gar nicht brauchst, denn du hast die Antwort sowieso schon jetzt in dir drin. Folge deinem Bauchgefühl und vertraue ihm, es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis sich der Name für dich ganz selbstverständlich offenbart. Und es wird perfekt sein, – wie immer.

    Lieber David, nun verabschiede ich mich mit besten Wünschen und lieben Grüßen von Herzen.
    Vielen Dank für deine Aufmerksamkeit!
    Deine Ulrike

  9. Posted by Kanone    20/06/2015 11:10

    Hallo David,

    sind die Noten zu deinen Kompositionen und Bearbeitungen in irgendeiner Form zu erwerben? Konkret würden wir gerne die Geigennoten von deiner Carmina Burana haben. Wäre toll …
    Ganz herzliche Grüße!

  10. Posted by Diyora    17/06/2015 19:38

    Io ti penso amore David…
    Io sono con te
    Anche se tu sei lontano
    Sei vicino a me
    Ich denke an dich, meine Liebe
    Ich bin mit Ihnen
    Selbst wenn Sie weit sind
    Sie sind mir nah

  11. Posted by Pamela Reilly    15/06/2015 03:47

    I have always loved the sound of the violin, perhaps because I was always an incurable romantic. I am still one at 66. My husband passed almost too years ago. He used to joke that he heard violins playing when we were together. Hearing your incredible music brings back my memories of him, but of course I know somewhere we will be together again. I hope you come to America again so that l and my two daughters and two granddaughters can listen to your heavenly music.

  12. Posted by Pamela Reilly    15/06/2015 03:44

    I have always loved the sound of the violin, perhaps because I was always an incurable romantic. I am still one at 66. My husband passed almost too years ago. He used to joke that he heard violins playing when we were together. Hearing your incredible music brings back my memories of him, but of course I know somewhere we will be together again. I hope you come to America again so that my two daughters and two granddaughters can listen to your heavenly music.

  13. Posted by Jeanette    12/06/2015 19:36

    Phew, what a rigamarole to go through just to leave a comment! :) I found you a few months back and, of course, I’m hooked! I play the cello, the piano and anything else I can bang on just for fun. I don’t play in a band or orchestra and I like it that way. I’m writing because it’s my understanding of you and your music that it’s your wish to cross over, as well as be as reachable to as many ages of people as possible. I’ve always been a lover of classical as well as rock and roll, grunge…my problem with the classics was stepping through all that is out there to find the ones I really liked. I’ve unearthed many, but since finding you it feels as if I don’t have to search because you’ve found them all! THANK YOU for that! Listening to your music fills me with hope…something I’ve begun to lose recently. As well as all that I teach a ‘culture’ group in the place where I work with at risk teenage girls. I’ve introduced you to them and now they go to school and introduce you to their teachers and peers. When we are in the car together they ask if I have my IPOD as they love the ‘Gypsy Dance’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ the best. Most importantly, they get excited about your music because I am excited about it (your dimples don’t hurt either…we are talking teenage hormones here!). So…here I am feeling weird about leaving a ‘comment’ you may or may not read but I guess it’s for everyone who helps bring your music into the world…I am grateful…my clients are grateful that you fill the world with a fantastic energy I won’t try to put into words. If ‘crossing over’ to get your music out there to the masses was indeed your goal, BRAVO! Job well done! :) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  14. Posted by Tania    11/06/2015 22:03

    Hello David, I was playing the violin in the theater orchestra for 30 years, and to be honest, I was mostly disappointed with the people of this sphere. But you, with your inspired performance and vivid emotions brought me back to the world of real music, lively, sincere and eludes dogmas. You have awakened in me the forgotten emotions and I looked at life with new, fresh look while enjoying your performance.
    In the hard times of life your music has become for me a breath of fresh air.
    Thank you for happiness to hear you.

  15. Posted by Nikki    08/06/2015 13:46

    Hi there. Mr Garrett, You’re music is absolutely awesome! I listen to you everyday. In my car and you’re always playing in the background at work. My 6 year old son tells me in my car that you rock! To watch your control of the violin and especially you’re fingers move is amazing. Sometimes when I read my kindle at night, I put on a playlist and listen to you playing through my headphones whilst reading! I hope that you will see this post and COME TO SOUTH AFRICA!!! Thanks for being a true inspiration and for giving this world we live in an amazing talent to listen to! THANK YOU!!! Nikki

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