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Address for Autograph Requests and Fan-Mail

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Fanpost David Garrett
Postfach 200460

13514 Berlin

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  1. Posted by Cheryl the scorpion trader    22/08/2014 00:18


    I saw your performances on YouTube for the first time today and your ability to enhance great classical, rock, and pop songs with your amazing talent is so great to see. I am always encouraged to see a great looking young individual achieving great things. Beauty is often misused and misguided but in your case it has been a compliment to your gift for music and dedication to the craft of being a violinist.

    A very sincere “thank you” for being an example of the principal that hard work pays off!!!! May you continue to enjoy the experience of being an accomplished musician. I hope you will come and perform in the US.


  2. Posted by Lorena    20/08/2014 18:27

    I was really sad last January, I wasn´t able to asist to the performance in Mexico City… but now I´m so happy!!! I´ll be there in November. My children admire you, my kid is 10 and my princess is 7, both are having violin lessons… they we´ll be amazed!!!

  3. Posted by Daryanaz    20/08/2014 07:34

    Dear David;
    Please come to US , specially to southern California. I had an opportunity to see your performance on January 2014 in Anaheim (CA) . You were brilliant as always!
    I am an Iranian fan. I love your music.
    Love & Light
    Looking forward to see your performance in Southern California soon!

  4. Posted by Ramiro German Schmal    11/08/2014 19:02

    Hola David. Seria de mi agrado poder verte aca en Argentina. Te felicito por tus obras, la verdad que son dignas de mirar. Un abrazo fraterno

  5. Posted by rifka    10/08/2014 05:40

    would you come and perform in Indonesia??

  6. Posted by Kris Colotskovic    08/08/2014 00:32

    hey david. im very happy to fnd this site i will be mailing you shortly. i just wanna say that you are my violin idol. and that i will be learning to play violin styarting next week. thansk for making my life awesome bro!

  7. Posted by David McCarthy    05/08/2014 22:09

    Hello, Are there any plans to visit and perform in the UK please?

  8. Posted by Anaid G    31/07/2014 23:31

    This november in Guadalajara, I will finally have the amazing opportunity to enjoy, listening and feeling your beyond awesomes interpretations alive… I´m gonna go with the man who had stolen my heart in so many ways (Damian)… and we´re hoping to hear you playing “winter” or “io ti penso amore”. Maybe the program is already planned but if it isn´t planned yet… I plead to you to consider one of this, like the huge favor which could be the start of our greatest adventure together. I thank you no matter what, because thanks to your love and passion reflected when you play… you have inspired me, to put the same feelings to live my life again enjoying every single moment.

  9. Posted by cwatson    31/07/2014 03:18

    You should schedule a concert in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

  10. Posted by hera garrett    30/07/2014 18:32


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