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  1. Posted by ScarlettCullen    25/05/2015 00:39

    Hi I’m Scarlett from Atlanta Georgia and I must say that David Garrett is my favorite violinist. I hope that soon you will come to Atlanta!

  2. Posted by carolina    24/05/2015 20:13

    to Rick Blaskey
    THANK YOU. You have given us David Garrett, the complete wonderful way to lift one’s spirits and toss problems and troubles out of the window. You were BRILLIANT to recognize his magical abilities even though we now know through his very hard work boosted by his positive sunny personality. Thank you.

  3. Posted by OnonPioner    24/05/2015 16:28

    I booked my trip to Prague to see him in September. Is there any way i can get autograph of him after his concert?

  4. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    23/05/2015 23:57

    Hello,David ! I am always waiting for your Japan tour. You said you will come to Japan early next year.
    When do you talk about the details ? Please ,please tell me ,David.
    I met my friends who are all fun of you. I had a nice time with my friends .
    I am listening your beautiful performance everyday . So I am looking forward to your Japan tour.

  5. Posted by Paola    23/05/2015 22:28

    Hi I studied the violin for several years but now i am a doctor in italy also i continue to plaly for myself i love your music and your style and i would like you to consider the idea of a musical arrangement in your style of the Romanza in F minor of P. Ciaikowski excuse me but i think you will play that romanza in a unique waank you for the emotions that you give to your listeners .My name is GiuseppeI’m an italian fan from Modena I HOPE I WILL SEE YOU IN VERONA IN SEPTEMBER
    Hope to see you soon bye Giuseppe

  6. Posted by Zeynep Aydın    20/05/2015 12:18

    Hi! I am Zeynep from Turkey. David is coming to our country this evening. I waited it for many years but I had an operation and when I learnt that he is coming here, I was really sad. I really admire David. I am playing violin for 6 years and he is a very big inspiration for me. I am very big fan of him. I wish I could go to this concert. I would like to know that can he come again to here? It is really a big dream for me. Thank you so much..

  7. Posted by Susanne    19/05/2015 16:43

    jetzt weiss ich warum ich immer die youtubevideos von dir david anschaue. bin gerade in einer lebensphase wo ich meine persönliche rolle erlerne und versuche mir zu überlegen was ich mitnehme. du bedeutest für mich mit deiner körperlichen gestalt meine damalige klassenkameradin und ich freue mich in meiner investierten zeit ein instrument zu spielen. danke.
    LG Susanne

  8. Posted by faeze    18/05/2015 23:08

    hi david iam from iran and i love violin soooo much :) one of my dreams is see you and be your violin students but i cant because here is iran! and you maybe know…i can see you in future i know that…:)

  9. Posted by nikoletta    17/05/2015 18:09

    Hello! Could you please tell me from where I can buy tickets for David Garrett’s concert in Italy on 30th of May? Thank you very much!!!

  10. Posted by Annemarie    17/05/2015 17:04

    Lieber David!
    Es wäre toll, wenn Du bald wieder ein Konzert in der Wiener Stadthalle geben würdest.
    Ich freue mich schon drauf.
    Herzliche Grüsse Annemarie

  11. Posted by Tracy    17/05/2015 06:24

    I was so sad to see David does not appear in the US. It would be so thrilling to see him live!!

  12. Posted by Ileana    17/05/2015 04:47

    Hello! I’m Ileana from Argentina and I’ll be travelling across the country to attend David’s show on July 19th and I was wondering if there’ll be a Meet & Greet. I’ve been a huge fan of his for so long and I admire his dedication and hard work, he plays the violin so beautifully! It’d be great if I could meet him and exchange a few words, it would mean a lot.

  13. Posted by valerie548    07/05/2015 22:32

    Hi, I’m valery from Argentina- It´s such a pleasure to be part of this community. I really admire David. I´m one of his fans here in my country! I bought my ticket for David´s show next 19 th of july and I would like to know if there will be “MEET AND GREET DAVID GARRET” when he comes. It would be a dream came true for me…. :)

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