Kick Off of the Classical Tour 2014

Saturday, May 10th, 2014 at 13:56

The preparations and rehearsals on Castle Elmau, located south of Munich in a secluded valley in the Alps, have been finished. Yesterday the program was already presented to the guests of Castle Elmau. Today the tour kicks off in Stuttgart. David, the orchestra and conductor Christoph Koncz are eagerly waiting to present you a terrific and varied program around Italy.

Some photos from the rehearsals:

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  1. Posted by Luan    11/07/2014 07:42

    Is a tour of Australia on the agenda??

  2. Posted by KJM    30/06/2014 22:41

    Guten Tag,
    ich habe keine Ahnung, ob das hier überhaupt jemand liest:
    Meine Großmutter wird Ende Juli 75. Jahre alt und ist ein großer David Garrett Fan. Sie war, mit meiner Tante, auf dem Konzert in Stuttgart und redet seitdem davon, dass sie so gerne eine CD von diesem Konzert/der Konzertreihe hätte. Leider lassen sich nirgends Informationen finden, ob es eine solche CD geben wird. Wir würden ihr die CD oder einen Konzertmitschnitt furchtbar gerne zum Geburtstag schenken (oder ihr zumindest sagen können, dass sie ihn erhält, wenn er herauskommt.)
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Kathi Müller

  3. Posted by Cristina Mascioni    12/06/2014 13:58

    Dead David, I’ve listened once again the song LA NOTTE, by ARISA, winner at Sanremo 2012. As I’ve already written to you some weeks ago, I really think that if you would work on it as you are so able to do, you could make a real new masterpiece, think about that, please! I would appreciate to hear it amongst others when I’m coming to Muenchen next October, that would mean at least that you have read your fans’ suggestions (mine in particular♥♥♥♥). With love, Cristina

  4. Posted by Edward Smith    10/06/2014 05:23

    Please come and visit us in Australia. AUSTRALIA is a beautiful place and would warmly welcome you. We love your talent and it would be awesome to hear you live over here, amongst the kookaburras and cockatoos. Mate, it will be an unforgettable experience, for you and all of us. You are welcome to stay at my place too. Hmmm ha ha. Wishful thinking. OK PLEASE DO VISIT US SOON, WE LOOK FORWARD TO IT. G’day.

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