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  1. Posted by Mariana Alonso    29/07/2015 14:34

    Hey David and awesome band! I am still astonished and amazed at your performance from last night in Rio! It was incredible enough to send a chill down anyone’s spine! I am such a huge fan! I used to play the piano, but you inspired me so much that I started learnig how to play the violin because of you! You and your band are sensational! Cariocas love you! Brazil loves you! Please, please, please, do come back soon! Best concert EVER! Thank you for that opportunity! Danke schön! Muito obrigada!

  2. Posted by Barbara Braga Barbosa    28/07/2015 18:22

    David, I’m really a fan a long time. I’ll be in your presentation in Rio de Janeiro! Please call me on stage My daughter unborn, and is a fan. She kicks a lot in my stomach when I hear your CD. Please take a picture with me to show my daughter when she was born. We are a fan!

  3. Posted by nathabei    27/07/2015 19:39

    I’m really in love!!!

  4. Posted by Talita Cervone    27/07/2015 05:53

    How don’t fall in love with this guy??? A piece of heaven on Earth!!!
    David, thanks for gift us with your tallent and this memorable show!!!
    You should come always back to Brazil!!!
    Thanka you so much for this two hours on Paradise!
    Hope to have the opportunitie to see you soon!!
    Kind regars and best wishes!!
    Talita Cervone , São Paulo – Brazil

  5. Posted by Claudia M. Terrón    26/07/2015 01:58

    David, por favor…VEN A MÉXICO!!!!
    bitte nach Mexiko kommen,
    pelase, come to México

  6. Posted by Bernadetta    26/07/2015 00:56

    David, Poska czeka na Ciebie :)

  7. Posted by sabrina lentz    25/07/2015 15:48

    David, nunca via tamanha perfeição! Seu show é espetacular, e você…sem palavras, só a pessoa mais linda que já vi! Seu carisma, sua simpatia, estou ainda mais apaixonada por violino e por você!!!
    Venha mais vezes para o Brasil, nós brasileiras agradecemos imensamente!!!
    I Love You

  8. Posted by Sylvia Martinez    24/07/2015 04:56

    I am really , so so happy, I just received the autograph, of my Dear and so great David Garrett, from Berlin.I send the foto from Toronto.My family lives there, I live in Guadalajara Mexico.I am a widow of a great violinist, and I really appreciate and admire David, because, He is the greatest violinist I ever met, the glizandos , the beautiful sound , from all his amazins instruments,His technic, and good taste is out of this world.His smile, he is so lovely, Thank you David, you make the world better.Take care, come back to Guadalajara, here we love you. your music goes directly to the heart.I cannot live without listening to you.

  9. Posted by monica g    24/07/2015 01:52

    Pls, come back to Argentina. I´m one of the blessed persons who attended last Sunday to Gran Rivadavia Theatre in Buenos Aires. Without discrediting this theatre or the organization of your visit, I have a dream of seeing you play at our Colon Theatre or Luna Park stadium. You fill my soul!!

  10. Posted by Aline    23/07/2015 21:01

    Hallo David und production :)

    I´m looking forward too see the show in São Paulo tomorrow night.
    He was the musician that i choose to listen when i was pregnant… result: my delivery was like his music, perfect!
    I would like to know if it´s possible take a picture with him after the show at Espaço das Americas tomorrow. It would let me very happy :D

    Hope you see my message in time.

    Thanks and have a great show!

  11. Posted by Violeta    23/07/2015 12:38

    David Garrett, como se puede conseguir que usted de conciertos en España? Usted nunca viene a este pais, por que? Tienen que ser los productores españoles quienes soliciten a usted un tour o concierto ? Si es de ese modo, como pueden saber los productores que usted es un famoso y gran violinista, si en España no hay informacion suya, ni en tv, ni en prensa, no se distribuyen Cds de usted en ningun sitio, no hay publicidad de David Garrett . Los fans que tiene usted aqui,como yo, lo conocemos de casualidad a traves , de Youtube. La 1@ vez que vi un video de usted fue en 2011, desde entonces, le he seguido fielmente, oirle tocar el violin, me da paz, usted trasmite bonitos sentimientos con su musica, sensibilidad y simpatia. Me da tristeza ver que da conciertos en todos los paises del mundo, pero no lo hace en mi pais, no podre ver un concierto suyo nunca? En Granada ( sur de España ) hay un Festival Internacional de Musica y Danza, seria un lujo verle tocar el violin aqui. Haga promocion aqui,que toda España conozca a David Garrett, y podamos verle en concierto. Mucha suerte Maestro, y felicidades por ser como es, virtuoso, carismatico, sencillo y simpatico. Soy gran admiradora suya, de su arte.

  12. Posted by Eduardo    22/07/2015 03:47

    Dear David, next saturday, me , my wife and daughter we will see you in Sao Paulo at Espaco das Americas ( like a space of Americas , something like that. By the way did you know that your stick of violin is maded from our tree, specially in Amazonas ? This tree is knowed by this name – Pau Brasil and is the only one that produces sound from the wood and all sticks are maded from this tree. Please refer this comment at show next Saturday and my family will be very happy. We see you on next saturday and have a good presentation for you. My name is Eduardo, my wife is Claudia and my daughter is Giovanna.

    Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!

  13. Posted by Diego Farina    21/07/2015 14:09

    Hi, about show in Porto Alegre, today… My little son RAFAEL CHIARANI FARINA, 4 years old, your fan… He’s going from Caxias do Sul to Porto Alegre, distant 150 km, for see your show. He’s have a dream of seeing you; He he a vionlin and studient musical.

  14. Posted by Patricia Gomez    20/07/2015 20:49

    David, so many thanks to you and your band for the Buenos Aires show, it was wonderful! You do magic and you are so kind! Please, try to come back soon, it was not enough, only a day … Buenos Aires is so beautiful, you have to take a time to know it a little more, and we want to see you more too!! You are so lovely!! Be back soon.

  15. Posted by TXELI    17/07/2015 13:20

    Dear David, last June we were dancing a classical coreography with your NOVEMBER RAIN!. Which song you want that I play next year? LOVE FROM BARCELONA!

  16. Posted by Toby    16/07/2015 00:52

    I have a dream of seeing you play at the Seiji Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood in Massachutts in the U.S. next time you tour here. It is supposed to have phenomenal acoustics, and with the way you play… Wunderbar! Any chance?

  17. Posted by Melissa Sánchez    14/07/2015 03:04

    Hola David!!! Amo tu hermosa música. Tu bello arte me hace la vida mas llevadera y feliz. Cuando vienes a dar un concierto en Ecuador (Quito) aquí esperamos con ansias un concierto tuyo… por favor ven a Ecuador…

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