New Address for Fan-Mail to David

Monday, November 8th, 2010 at 10:39

We are glad to announce David’s new address for autographs. Please attach a stamped self-addressed envelope.
Unfortunately we cannot fulfil dedication wishes.

Fanpost David Garrett
Postfach 200460

13514 Berlin

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  1. Posted by wilma Feather    28/07/2015 20:40

    heya .

  2. Posted by Jack Richards    09/04/2012 05:25

    Hey David, Im not gonna try to worship you or anything like that. I was gonna ask is playing violin similiar to guitar?? Can you play guitar? I just thought it was pretty cool how you convert guitar melody to a Violin i thought that was neat. I play French horn and trumpet and some guitar. Converting French horn to trumpet isnt hard at all. But i was just gonna say your pretty good. Note i am only 16. So i think that i play 3 instruments is pretty abnormal.
    Sincerly Jack Richards

  3. Posted by barbara    23/03/2012 11:57

    Dear David, Thank you for the pleasure you bring to so many people. You are amazing and I am so glad I found you. You have brought back the love I used to have for classical music and you have added so much to my life. To listen to you is wonderful. To watch you play is a delight. You love music and it shines through – totally infectious and irresistable to the audience. You are definitely the best violinist of your generation and you are unique! I was lucky enough to see you in London last year (2012 ) and I hope you come back to the UK soon. Much love and thanks, Barbara

  4. Posted by Holly    29/11/2010 18:35

    Hello David! Isn’t it strange how you know something wonderful will come into your life, and yet not know when or where? Well, I found you and your wonderful talent when I most needed it. Thank you. I could hardly believe it when I found you are to perform right here in Connecticut USA and I am looking forward to the concert!!
    Music is ageless, and so are the audiences you reach! Young or old, we love you.

  5. Posted by SONJA    29/11/2010 01:57

    you are without a doubt, the mostexciting,inspiring musical genius, that has come along in MY lifetime
    I cant wait , till you come to Seattle and my dream is to meet you
    I am 77 and YOU are on my bucket list
    I ch bin Deutsch, habe in Mannheim Musik studiert (Classisch) und spaeter Jazz gesungen in Europa
    Bin Kuenstlerin (Scupltur und Malerin) trainiere Dressur Pferde und tanze mit ihnen
    You have enriched mty life thru your music
    I cant get enough of it!

  6. Posted by Gerhardt Karin    25/11/2010 21:16

    Bin zurück von einem fantastischen Konzert das ich leider aus der letzten Reihe in der Wiener Stadthalle “genießen” durfte. Fieberhaft suchen mein 8jähriger Sohn und ich nach einem günstigen Zeitpunkt und erschwinglichen Karten für das nächste Konzert! Ich bin voller Bewunderung für so viel Perfektion und Disziplin. Mit 36 Jahren hab ich mich nun auch in dieses “Projekt Geige” geworfen und NOCH ist mein Ehrgeiz ungebremst….Also nun hoffe ich schon bald wieder in den Genuß eines Live Konzerts zu kommen—Karin

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